There are a few things about tartare worth keeping in mind. If you don’t believe us, read this (maybe after you’ve tried making it though). Firstly, only make tartare with the freshest and best quality ingredients. Particularly your beef. If you can’t get your hands on super fresh, lean beef, don’t bother. Just cook something else. We use the eye fillet from unique meats at fyshwick markets. The other thing is fresh horseradish. This stuff costs a bomb, but it is seriously worth it and you don’t need much. Once you’ve shaved a few scrapings over your tartare, you will never go back. The last thing is: don’t over-dress the meat. You want it to be just seasoned and just coated. Just.


(for 2 people)

200g lean beef fillet
tabasco sauce
1 tsp worstershire sauce
1 large egg yolk, or 2 if you like it super yolky
6 small cornichons
6 baby capers
1 red radish
fresh horseradish
1 shallot (for garnish, green part only)
salt and pepper
dry wafer biscuits

Trim all the fat from the meat and dice it into half centimetre cubes. Season with a teaspoon of worstershire sauce and salt and pepper and mix really well. Dice the cornichons and radish into smaller cubes, like a few millimetres or so. Gently fry the baby capers until crisp. Arrange the meat, horseradish, capers and cornichons on a plate with the wafers and garnish with very finely sliced shallot. Make a shallow well in the meat and top with the egg yolk (add another if you love a really yolky texture). Finely grate some horseradish and parmesan over the beef and serve with tabasco.
tartarecloseupsized tartarefork1

If making tartare at home isn’t your thing (or you clicked that link and are now afraid to) get yourself to mocan and green grout for the best traditional-ish tartare in canberra. It inspired this recipe and the dudes there are awesome.

If you like a modern take, try the japanese-influenced tartare at monster kitchen and bar. We could eat frightening amounts of raw meat prepared this way – it’s seriously fucking delicious. Maaaaybe the best in Canberra.
tartarefork5PSD tartarecracker2PSD

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