lardo crostini

Lardo. It is what it sounds like. Fat. To be precise, back fat from a pig that’s been cured in salt and herbs.

After reading bill buford’s book, heat, that follows new york chef mario batali around, it has been an ongoing mission to find a reliable supplier of this stuff. Turns out the guys at AC butchery on marion st, leichhardt, do amazing cured meats/affetatti, and lardo is one of them.

It’s hard to describe what lardo does to you without using creepy words like “melt-in-your-mouth,” “indulgent,” “mouthfeel,”  and “orgasmic.” Anthony Bourdain once said of a lardo dish: it’s sort of like you’ve been snorting cocaine your whole life then somebody gives you freebase. Which pretty much describes how we feel about it except we don’t know what that’s like but we bet it’s pretty intense. Lardo is buttery and tangly and porky and delicious. It will make your bread better and your vegetables better and your life better. Trust us.

As you would expect, it is rich so use it sparingly. If you think your guests might baulk at the idea of eating pure pig fat, follow batali’s lead and serve up paper-thin slices of prosciutto bianco. It’s always a joy to trick your friends into eating something they wouldn’t otherwise.


(as much as you are
capable of eating

thinly sliced lardo
crusty bread
freshly ground black pepper

lardooverhead lardoeaten

There isn’t much to this recipe. Mainly because lardo is so full of flavour you don’t want to mess around with it. All you really need to do is arrange the lardo on thick slices of bread and sprinkle with rosemary and grind some black pepper over the top.

lardocloseup lardoboard2

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