charred broccolini + burnt orange vinaigrette + chilli + almonds


— bar rochford | nick smith —
1st floor, 65 london circuit

We like rochford. It’s our kind of bar. It’s dusky. It’s intimate. It’s laid back. It’s equal parts dark soul, 60s modern, unpolished art deco, and a little bit gritty paris. Kinda classic, in a manly way. It’s the kind of place don draper and gatsby would go at the end of a tinder date to chainsmoke cigarettes and knock a few back before inspecting each other’s downstairs goatees.

Only it lacks the pretention of any of that. It isnt themed or stuffy, or posey, or hipstery or too after-workey. It’s pared back but stylish, and not trying too hard. If you lived here you’d definitely have messy hair, tatts and be into super expensive speakers and distressed concrete.

broccolinicircle broccolinidishes

Owner and barman nick is certainly into stuff. He likes soul on vinyl, old photos, warm woods, battered leather. And mixing drinks. Boy, this guy can do a new take on a classic. There are some pretty stylish combinations, like the jack rose (calvados, lime juice, homemade pomegranate grenadine) or the ascerbic sharp darts (gin, apple juice, spice syrup, absinthe. Incidentally, if you were going to throw a drink over someone, this would be it. It’s witty and sharp and mean as hell. And not unlike a punch in the face with a fistful of licorice allsorts). Nick has also pulled together a wine list with a solid mix of old world and new, focusing – finally! – on natural and biodynamic wines. In particular, he wants to showcase up and coming australian producers who experiment with alternative and old school wine making processes.

broccolinirochford3 broccolinirochford broccolinirochford2

So it’s a grown up bar. The kind of place you go if you like to drink but not get drunk. They serve shots but not shooters. You want an aged whiskey or a niche distillery vermouth? rochford is your place. You want a cocksucking cowboy? lucky you, mooseheads is just around the corner.

Yep, the drinks are good. And so is the food.

broccolini broccoliniclose

broccolinicloseup broccoliniportrait2

broccoliniplates2 broccoliniside


broccoliniingredients1 bunch broccolini
1 orange
apple cider vinegar
extra virgin olive oil
small handful almonds
1 chilli

Cut any tough woody ends from the base of the broccolini stems. Blanch for 1 minute in salted boiling water and immediately plunge into a bowl of iced water. Set aside until ready to serve.

broccolinirochford4 broccoliniplates

Heat a bbq or griddle pan until smoking hot. Halve the orange and grill flesh side down until charred. Remove from the grill and juice. You should get about 70ml. Add the vinegar and whisk thoroughly. Slowly add the olive oil, continuing to whisk to emulsify the dressing. The dressing will keep in a jar in the fridge for several days. Let the dressing come to room temperature before using to allow the oil to melt. Give the dressing a vigorous shake to re-emulsify as the juice and oil will have separated.

broccolinirow broccoliniplate

Toast the almonds in a hot oven or in a pan on the stove until fragrant and set aside to cool. Deseed the chilli and remove the membrane before slicing into thin half moons.

When you are ready to serve, char the broccolini on the bbq or griddle pan for a few minutes. Place the broccolini in a bowl and dress with the burnt orange vinaigrette. Add a small drizzle of olive oil, the almonds and the chilli and a pinch of sea salt. Make sure everything is well combined before serving.


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