we’re pretty private. and we feel a bit silly about About pages. we figure no one wants to hear us prattling on like twats about ourselves. but people keep asking questions, so we poured ourselves a couple of pretty decent-sized rums and here’ s what happened.

WHO // two public servant drop outs in the middle of a quarter (third?) life crisis. we think. basically just big kids finally allowed to play in the kitchen unsupervised. still laugh at the simpsons and stupid animal videos. this clip almost gave us a hernia. seriously.

WHAT // we love using unusual ingredients in simple ways and simple ingredients in unusual ways. we want you to give that a try too. where possible, we like to shop locally and cook seasonally. we like to make things from scratch. we like to know how stuff works. when we’re not googling what goes into sausages or how to bleed tuna, we like to pester the butcher, the dude at the kitchen shop, the lady at the deli and that guy who sells figs on the side of the road (heya geoff!) about how long you should cure stuff for, or why you shouldn’t substitute wasabi for horseradish if you can help it. people are amazing – they know stuff and we want to know what they know. but above all, we want you to know it too.

WHERE // canberra, australia. paris, france. back to canberra. sometimes sydney, australia. 

WHEN // about january 2015. shoulda happened sooner but we couldn’t figure out the internet. and we kept getting distracted by stupid animal videos.

WHY // why not? we’re pretty keen on food. we love taking photos of stuff. and we needed somewhere to channel our adult-onset ADHD.


we are best friends [blegh].

together, we have a combined taiwanese-polish-greek-australian heritage and upbringings between australia, taiwan and rural france.

our average height is 1.80m or 5’11. one of us is really tall and the other is really short.

he is one of those people that is incapable of telling you a funny story without laughing so hard he can’t get the story out. so dumb.

she gets super grumpy when she’s hungry, when it’s too crowded, when she can’t find something or when people chew loudly or make that breathing-whistle through their nose. she is grumpy quite a lot. but never for long.

we love coffee. and whiskey. and dogs.

he takes care of food and photography.

she does food, layouts and design.

got any questions? we love questions. seriously, we check our inbox all the time and the words “new message” get us super excited. we’d love to hear from you. email us at boyandspoonblog [at] gmail [dot] com or check out our contact page.


We’re happy for you to use our photos/recipes but please link back to us…
boyandspoon food blog
boy and spoon

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